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  • Participants
Players Status Gameaccount Penalty Points
Germany Reborion Checked-In Reborion 0
Germany Sid Checked-In SidSensei 0
Germany Schalach Checked-In Schalach 0
Germany Hunter Checked-In brisanterHunter 0
Germany aammo Checked-In aammo 0
Germany Freekill Checked-In Not registered 0
Austria gaurhoth Checked-In Not registered 0
Austria Vernichter Checked-In Not registered 0

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Elusion-Gaming Cups

Elusion-Gaming Joust Cup
Type: 1on1 Single Elimination
Start: 15/10/2018
Entered: 6/8
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Status: Started Details



Reborion AvatarReborion


Sid AvatarSid

Mucky AvatarMucky


 Megapointer AvatarMegapointer

 Tazty AvatarCommanderTazty

 Gaurhoth AvatarGaurhoth





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